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Leicester City supporter trolled after his dad’s phone number’s exposed on TV



RIVAL supporters let rip when they spotted a fan of relegated Leicester City listening to a radio with his dad’s phone number on it.

They bombarded Paul Parwaiz with jokey calls after seeing son Asim on TV at the Foxes’ final game of the season.

Asdim Parwaiz and his dad Paul, 70, a retired GP

Asim, 33, was using the radio to follow Everton v Bournemouth — crucial to whether his team stayed in the Premier League.

He was seen on Sky Sports and Match of the Day reacting with horror at Everton’s goal, which meant Leicester would be going down, despite their 2-1 home victory over West Ham.

Dad Paul, 70, a retired GP, had written his mobile number prominently on the digital radio in case he misplaced it.


Asim had borrowed it and said: “When Everton scored, you can imagine my reaction, a bit four-lettered. I’d no idea the cameras had caught it until after.

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“My dad called and said he was being bombarded with calls from fans of other clubs.

“They had seen his number on the radio. One was asking for help to repair his because it was going down, down, down.”

Asim, also a GP, added: “Ironically, Dad isn’t even a Leicester fan — he supports Chelsea.”

Source: The Sun

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