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Meet lake-jump Ryder Cup hero who picked up wife still wet & is golf icon’s pal



ONE Ryder Cup fan made quite the splash on social media after jumping into the lake to celebrate Europe beating the United States.

Meet hero John Burleigh, who has been to likened to KFC’s Colonel Sanders with his grey hair, glasses and bow-tie.

He sprinted across the course when Europe sealed victory
And dived into the lake as he went viral

A clip of the passionate fan celebrating Team Europe’s 16.5-11.5 victory went viral as he was spotted charging across the green and diving into the lake at Marco Simone.

Emotions of pure joy got the better of John, who was watching the play on the 16th hole when Tommy Fleetwood secure a half point to wrap up Europe’s win.

The 70-year-old in fact jumped in the lake three times after being egged on by supporters to do it again.


John claims that the Rome heat and high spirits led to his sensational moment as he revealed he was trying to find a souvenir golf ball in the water.

He told BBC: “The sun got to me and I was lost to delirium.

“The weather had been too hot but the banter and company had been fantastic.

“I had predicted it was going to finish at the 16th. The American conceded right in front of me and I just took off.

“I hadn’t planned it but I had said to a friend that it was so exciting that I could jump in the lake.


John actually jumped into the lake three times
He started Thunder Clap on his way out the drink

“And when we won it was so inviting I just shot off.


“When I put my head in the lake I was looking for golf balls. I was hoping to come out with some but I didn’t see any.”

On his way out the drink, he begun a round of Team Europe’s trademark Viking Thunder Clap as he lapped up the glory.

The man from Inverclyde lost his glasses in the dip and got a telling off from police as fans surrounded him for selfies.

But being left soaked was the only punishment he got with cops just taking his name following an apology.

A drenched John then had to go and meet his wife Heather at the airport as the couple are staying in Italy for another week on holiday to continue the party.

As he waited to jet off, he began to realise the extent of his new-found fame.

John explained: “People who were heading home were coming up and showing me the footage and saying I was a legend.


“It was good fun and it was all done in the best possible taste.”

He has enjoyed quite the week, managing to get a picture with Robert MacIntyre in the build-up to the famous win.

And he is used to being with golf heroes as he is a pal of four-time Ryder Cup winner Sam Torrance, who he went to school with.

John is loving his new Colonel Sanders nickname, explaining: “It could have been worse. Someone called me an ‘old guy’ but I took that on the chin.

“So long as KFC call me up with an offer, I’ll be quite happy.”

He and wife Heather will continue celebrations in Italy for another week
John has been dubbed Colonel Sanders as he looks like the KFC founder

Source: The Sun


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