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MMA star fighting to save leg after staph infection as he shares horror pictures



AN MMA fighter is faced with trying to save his leg after contracting a severe staph infection.

Australian Tim Schultz picked up the infection while training in Thailand and it spread from his foot to approaching the knee.

Tim Schultz is hoping to fly back to Australia for treatment

Doctors in Thailand warned that his leg must be amputated but Schultz is desperate to return to Australia for a second opinion.

Staph infections are caused by bacteria called staphylococcus which most often affects the skin and can cause blood poisoning.

It is sometimes common for MMA fighters to suffer staph infections due to the intense grappling they perform on a regular basis.


Schultz’s training partner and friend Matthew Yung Lee-Manwar revealed he had been training at Bangtao Muay Thai for a month when he contracted the staph infection which quickly worsened.

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Lee-Manwar told the Daily Mail: “Bumps and bruises happen in training, but upon returning from a hike his shin was in a lot of pain so he went to a doctor and got a cortisone injection, as they suspected he had a small bone fragment or deep bruising.

“The next day Tim collapsed while trying to get out of bed and was rushed to hospital as his foot and shin were extremely swollen.

“After the first course of antibiotics didn’t work, the Thai hospital said to amputate and he was transferred to a second hospital for another opinion where he’s been for a week now.

“Tim is most likely going to lose his leg pursuing his dream.”

Schultz had his leg drilled into and drained at three different places despite only being told they would make a small incision.

It is believed the staph has also led to a necrotizing fasciitis infection – a serious bacterial infection that destroys the tissue under the skin.

This happens when bacteria enters the body through a break in the skin, in Schultz’s case through a hole caused by the staph.


The 3-1 MMA star and boxer – who last fought in March – has a medical team looking after him but Schultz is set to fly home today.

An update read: “If the commercial flight home falls through, there is a backup plan to get him home.

“This plan involves arranging a private medical charter to bring him back to Australia.

“The estimated cost for this option is around $150,000 AUD. We have included a donation link in the bio or comments section.”

Schultz’s fundraiser at the time of writing has reached over $40,000.

Writing on the page, he said: “A severe infection has taken hold in my leg, and its rapid spread is causing grave concern for my health.

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“The infection has led to a dangerous decline in my blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, posing an imminent threat to my life.

“The medical bills associated with this emergency have left me financially drained, leaving me unable to afford the essential care and procedures I urgently require.”

Tim Schultz has a 3-1 MMA record

Source: The Sun

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