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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke tells Piers Morgan her ‘supportive’ mum WORKS for her



AN OnlyFans favourite has told Piers Morgan how her mother is “supportive” her porn career, even sharing that she’s on her “payroll”.

Elle Brooke, 25, hit back at the chat show host’s assumption that her parents must be “disappointed”, instead revealing her mum does behind the scenes work for her.

She successfully fended off his remarks, saying her 'family are fine'  with her x-rated job
The mega successful OnlyFans creator knows how to cause a storm and that includes a chat show

The model-turned-boxer fiercely defended her decision to make a career out of adult content creation to Piers Morgan on his latest Uncensored show.

The Sun columnist had been surprised to learn she had given up a law degree to make porn.

“I saw how much money people were earning and thought ‘hey, I can do that to’, and turns out I am pretty good at getting my clothes off – this is the career for me,” she explained.


“I’m good at what I do.”

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Morgan then turned his attention to what her family thought of her unconventional career, asking whether they were “incredibly disappointed” that she decided to “pack it all in to take your clothes off for perfect strangers on OnlyFans”.

The adult star confidently responded: “Piers, my dad is dead and my mum is on my payroll – my family are fine”.

Elle then further explained her stark revelation, clarifying that her mum did not do anything “rude” but worked “behind the scenes”, mostly doing admin.

Morgan asks: “So, she loves you doing this?”

“She doesn’t praise it at the pub saying ‘my daughter does OnlyFans’, but she is supportive and knows I’m over 18 and that I can do what the hell I want,” the blonde beauty replies.

After being quizzed on what her future kids might thing of her x-rated career, Elle laughs it off cooly saying: “they can cry in a Ferrari”.

The model, who has 743k Instagram followers, certainly isn’t afraid of a fight and has even taken the influencer boxing world by storm recently.


She’s been traded some of her camera time for boxing gloves since last year, and has won 3-0 in matches.

Brooke’s ventures to the ring have not only boosted her confidence, they have also boosted her bank balance by landing her additional subscribers to her OnlyFans account.

She’s also keen to send hearts racing by donning footy outfits and has taken to be called “Man City’s sexiest fan”.

She dazzled her fans back in May when her beloved team were crowned Premier League champions.

This week, the cheeky model begged TikTok not to ban her after teasing a “naked clip” on the platform.

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No stranger to posting raunchy content, Elle shared a video of hiding behind a towel with her 2.3million followers, which sent her fans wild.

She also sent her fans into a frenzy recently when she played a daring game of spin the bottle.

The sexy model has now set her sights of a boxing career
Elle is also a die-hard Man City fan
Piers was curious to learn of how the law school dropout became an OnlyFans sensation

Source: The Sun


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