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O’Sullivan drove a £180k Ferrari but his favourite is a £70k family saloon



RONNIE O’SULLIVAN will go down as one of sport’s greats.

The snooker legend has won everything there is in the game, and over the years he has been frank and honest about his struggles with depression and sobriety.

But Ronnie wasn't bothered about a showy Ferrari 458
Instead, Ronnie swears by the Audi RS4 Avant

But, one of his favourite hobbies away from the baize is collecting cars.

Newly-crowned UK champ ‘Rocket’ Ronnie has owned a variety of incredible motors as he collected his winnings from tournament to tournament.

From an Aston Martin DB9, which he called a “bag of s***” because the door handle came off, to a Ferrari 458, which caused him much unwanted attention.


Instead, it’s a family saloon that O’Sullivan swears by – in the shape of an Audi RS4 Avant.

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“I love that car. I really do. Pound for pound it is probably the best car I’ve ever had. I still get that thrill,” he previously told The Sun.

SunSport wades through Ronnie’s garage – with the man’s thoughts on each one.

Audi RS4 Avant

Ronnie bought his RS4 for around £57,000, with the latest models starting at £71,000.

Ronnie said: “I’ve always liked everyday cars and this is the b*******. It’s beautiful.

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“I’m away from the lights before anything. Give me an RS4 for everyday and a 911 for a bit of fun and I’m done mate. I’m buzzing.

“But if I had to have one car, I’d go for the RS4 Avant because I still get that thrill.”


Ferrari 458

This glam £183,000 Ferrari is a total footballers’ car.

But, despite being able to do 0-62 mph in just 3.4 seconds it wasn’t for Ronnie.

He hated the attention he got from the flashy car.

When asked if he liked driving it, he said: “Not for me mate. I couldn’t stand the attention.”

Ronnie hated the attention he got in a Ferrari 458

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Bentley Continental GT

Ronnie had the same feelings about the £180,000 Bentley Continental GT.

He had two of them – hard and soft top versions – but couldn’t relate.

Bentley’s boast luxury interiors, including comfortable leather seats.


Performance-wise, the GT has a top speed of 210 mph, and is UK-built with an efficient V12 engine.

Ronnie had two Bentley Continental GT's - a hard and soft top


Ronnie has had a few ‘Beamers’ over the years, admittedly during his more reckless years as a driver.

“Years ago, I would have been tearing around and the Old Bill would have gone ‘lovely’,” he said.

“But I’m not a menace on the road anymore. I used to be. I was a lunatic. I went through three Beamers in the space of nine months. But it’s no good. I realise now the track is for that. I’m much more educated now. I’ve calmed down.”

The M5 starts at around £111,000 and is a costly motor. “Got shot of that. Didn’t like that,” Ronnie confessed. “Fantastic engine but it drives like a boat. I hated the size of it.”

Ronnie hated the size of the M5 - saying it drove like a boat


Today’s M3s cost around £82,000.

Ronnie also drove one of these, once upon a time, and got far more enjoyment out of it than the M5.


“I had a black M3, brand new, M-reg. Probably one of my favourite cars,” Ronnie revealed.

“So I stuck with M3s for a bit. Went for a convertible one. It was a proper car.”

One of Ronnie's favourite cars was his M3

Porsche 911

If Ronnie has to go for a supercar, it’s the traditional 911 he loves.

It’s been the identity of the Porsche brand since 1963, with the latest models costing from £97,000.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of Porsches. Unbelievable cars.

“Great fun and they hold their money really well. Talk to anyone who knows cars and they always go “Porsche, Porsche.”

The Porsche 911 was another motor Ronnie loved

Aston Martin DB9

It might have been good for Daniel Craig as James Bond, but not for Ronnie.


Carrying a hefty price tag of over £130,000, Ronnie expected better quality.

“That was a bag of s***. I won’t buy another one of them,” O’Sullivan said.

“The radio button fell off in my hand. Went to get the door handle and that came off.”

O'Sullivan wasn't impressed by the Aston Martin DB9

Mercedes 500SL

The classy SL Class can cost from a whopping £74,000.

Powered by a 4.7-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, Ronnie loved this Merc so much he upgraded to the AMG version.

He divulged: “I had that for two or three years and really enjoyed it. Then someone said I should get the AMG. It was just a mad, mad car.

“I felt out of control sometimes. I had paid £50,000 and I wanted my old 500 back.”

O’Sullivan poses with his AMG Mercedes SL55 in 2004

Audi R8

Back in 2014, Ronnie crashed his £131,000 R8 while driving with his son, Ronnie Jr.

He told The Sun: “It was dark, it was really heavy rain and I just aquaplaned into the barriers on the M1. I was scared because I couldn’t open my door.

“My little boy was with me and I could see these lorries coming down. It was terrible. I went boff, out, got him out, over the road, and luckily he was safe.”

Despite that hairy moment, Ronnie declared he “Loved that car.”

Ronnie had a scary accident in a R8

Source: The Sun


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