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Shocking moment football hooligans unleash massive brawl on street before man ‘knocked out’



SHOCKING footage has shown the moment football hooligans unleash a massive brawl on the street today before one man is “knocked out”.

The violent scenes were captured on camera just after 1pm this afternoon near a pub in London Bridge.

A massive brawl escalated with one man wielding a huge pole
Others were seen scrapping and throwing punches at eachother
Towards the end one man appeared to be "knocked out"

The pub in question is the Mudlark on Montague Close, according to eyewitnesses.

A group of yobs can be seen walking down the street when a man who appeared from a pub in a red-and-white scarf started shouting at them.

Witnesses said that the group – who were singing football chants believed to be associated with Millwall – turned back from a tunnel and started heading back to the boozer.


Shocked onlookers watched as the thugs started pushing and shoving aggressively trying to get into the pub and at the man.

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And things escalated further when they started throwing bottles and trying to kick down the door of the pub according to an eyewitness.

More and more people can be seen flooding out of the pub as a full-on brawl explodes.

Groups of men can be seen grappling and throwing punches in broad daylight.

At one point a man who came out of the pub picked up a metal pole and began brandishing it at the alleged Millwall fans.

He can be seen picking up the pole and waving it threateningly as the thugs back up to the tunnel.

Eventually a man who appears to be a bouncer or staff member at the pub manages to calm him down enough to relieve him of his makeshift weapon.

At the end of the footage, a couple more young men are seen scrapping near the entrance to the tunnel when one trips over.


He is then set upon by a few thugs who appear to launch kicks at punches at him that an eyewitness says left him “knocked out”.

Cops said that one man was hospitalised as a result of the brawl while one man was arrested on “suspicion of violent disorder”.

An eyewitness told The Sun of the “horrifying” scenes that took place in broad daylight.

She said: “We were walking over London Bridge when we heard shouting and football chanting which sounded like Millwall chants.

“We stuck our heads over the side of the bridge and the Millwall fans had seemed to go back into the tunnel.

“A man came out of the pub wearing red and white scarf, I think he’s a Sunderland supporter, and started shouting at them – all of the Millwall fans turned back walking towards him.”


The eyewitness continued: “A bouncer or staff member told the Sunderland fan to get back in pub but the Millwall fans started throwing bottles and trying to kick down the door of the pub to get inside.


“They were hanging outside the pub for a little bit but a fight broke out as it escalated as more and more people came out.

“One guy had the pole used to separate the queues and came out of the pub and was swinging it. He tried to start chase guys back down tunnel with bollard backed up by other people from the pub.”

She added: “One guy started chasing Millwall fans who fell over they started kicking him and kicking him in head and it looked like he was knocked out – it was chaos.

“There were a lot of tourists walking along the bridge who were shocked and horrified to see the violence out in the open.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 14:34hrs on Saturday, 4 February, to reports of a group of people fighting outside a pub in Montague Close, SE1.

“Officers attended along with the London Ambulance Service. One man was taken to hospital with an injury to his face. His condition is not life-threatening. 

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“Another man was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder. He remains in custody at a south London police station. 

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish what happened and any witnesses are asked to call 101 quoting CAD 3397/04Feb. To remain anonymous contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. “


Source: The Sun

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