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Trapp – who plays v Spurs – bans SEX with stunning Wag Goulart after a loss



KEVIN TRAPP’s girlfriend Izabel Goulart will be hopeful her partner manages to keep a clean sheet when Eintracht Frankfurt play Tottenham.

That is because a defeat would mean a sex ban for the goalkeeper as Trapp, 32, has repeatedly refused to make love to Izabel, 37, after a bad result throughout their relationship.

Kevin Trapp refuses sex with model girlfriend Izabel Goulart after a bad result
Izabel Goulart will be hoping Eintracht Frankfurt avoid defeat to Tottenham

The former Victoria’s Secret model admitted almost four years ago that she and the famous goalie have sex “four or five times” per week.

But no matter how hard she tries, the Brazilian model won’t get any action if the Germany international suffers a bad night on the pitch.

Izabel said in 2018: “Kevin and I make love a lot — four or five times a week.


“But if he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie – and there still won’t be any sex.”

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Last season may have marked a beautiful period for the couple as Eintracht won the Europa League.

However, the Bundesliga giants’ return to the Champions League is not going so well for Izabel.

That is because Trapp conceded three goals to Sporting Lisbon, who won 3-0 in their first match of the season in Frankfurt.

However, things in the bedroom must have improved after the next game when the German outfit won 1-0 at Marseille.


Nevertheless, the double-header with Tottenham will be critical for Eintracht’s future in the competition.

Thus, Izabel will be hoping Trapp can keep Harry Kane and co at bay in the next two weeks.

Izabel Goulart admitted she and Kevin Trapp have sex "four or five times" per week
Izabel Goulart watched Kevin Trapp win the Europa League with Eintracht Frankfurt
Brazilian model Izabel Goulart will be especially hopeful in the Champions League

Source: The Sun

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