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Watch Power Slap fighter get KO’d by ROBOT in video – but all is not as it seems



A POWER SLAP fighter got knocked out by a ROBOT in a bizarre concept video.

UFC president Dana White is spearheading the rise in slap fighting.

The video shows the robot being floored after a slap but returning fire to KO the human

And one fan asked what it would look like to have a robot face a human.

The video shows the robot being floored after a slap but returning fire to KO the human.

White’s Power Slap league has come under fire for safety of competitors, who are left defenceless from the blows.


But in response, he told Nina-Marie Daniele: “We spend the money to make sure we have two healthy people in there before the fight, but in slap, they take three to five slaps per event.

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“Fighters in boxing take three to four hundred punches a fight. It’s un-education or pure hate.”

Chris Nowinski, a Harvard Ph.D. and former wrestler has criticised the world’s handling of concussions.

And he slammed one clip in which slapper Chris Kennedy appeared to show immediate signs of head injury, known as a fencing posture.

Nowinski tweeted: “This is so sad.


“Note the fencing posture with the first brain injury. He may never be the same.”

In a separate post, he also took aim at White and TV broadcasters TBS.


He posted: “@danawhite & @TBSNetwork should be ashamed. Pure exploitation. What’s next, ”Who can survive a stabbing?”’

Slap fighters take defenceless blows to the face
Dana White has come under fire for his slap fighting league

Source: The Sun

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