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Why are Jack Grealish’s calves so big?



FANS watching the Manchester City player running on the pitch, wonder about the size of his muscular calves.

Jack Grealish’s calves have always been part of his look as a famous football player.

Why are Jack Grealish’s calves so big?

You might have watched Jack Grealish playing during different championships and scoring goals, but if you have happened to notice, his calves are relatively big.

Particularly, when compared to other players in Manchester City and England’s National Team.

Football players often have their own quirks or distinctive features.


Phil Foden has a neck tattoo with an inspirational phrase, and other football players do a dance after they score a goal, but Grealish’s thing happens to be large calves.

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He says that his calves are entirely natural and run down the family.

According to Grealish, his grandfather used to have big calves as well.

His great-great-grandfather, William Garraty used to be a famous football player in the early years of football in England, during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Grealish says that when he goes to the gym or is training, he does not do any calves exercises.

But his calves. have surely caught the eye of the public.

Does having big calves help in football?

Usually, football players have big leg muscles due to the nature of the sport.

Strong calves, quads and hamstrings are essential to be able to get the best out of your body when running across the pitch.


Particularly, the calf muscles are the most important, no matter the position of the player, strong calves drastically improve the game.

The durability of the legs, quick change of direction and jumping are one of the many benefits as well that footballers with strong calves get to enjoy.

Not only that, you would often see players like Grealish, stretching their calves before a game, which is usually the area where a player could feel tiredness.

Exercises such as squats, calf raises and deadlifting are the most beneficial for gaining muscle mass.

Why does Jack Grealish wear a headband?

Grealish’s calves are not his only recognisable feature, he also has quite a distinctive haircut.

Quite popular amongst other football players as well, is the way they style their hair.

Many will have a buzz cut, a fade or slicked back.


Grealish has been cutting his hair for much of his career in the style of an undercut. 

In an undercut, the back and sides are shaved very short, with the hair at the top left considerably longer.

At the back, the hair is blended to the top, with the top then slicked back to complete the look.

It is a rather vintage look in a way, reminding us of the haircut David Beckham used to have in the 1990s.

David Beckham in the 1990s, rocking a headband and a similar hairstyle to Jack Grealish.

Much like Beckham, Grealish also puts on a hairband to keep his hair in one place, and not get in his face whilst he is playing.

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Source: The Sun


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