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‘World’s strongest brothers’ eat 1kg of meat a DAY to keep up 10k-calorie diet



THE Stoltman siblings are famous for their strength and it is fuelled by an incredibly large diet.

Tom and Luke have been dubbed the “World’s Strongest Brothers” and by just looking them it is not hard to see why.

They weigh a combined 760lbs
Tom Stoltman won the iconic World's Strongest Man title in 2021 and 2022

The younger of the duo Tom is a two-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man and Luke has tasted glory in a European Strongest Man tournament.

But their ability to lift cars is just as impressive as how much they eat in a day.

Before vital competitions, they consume around 10,000 calories per day and the average man needs just 2,500.


Tom told talkSPORT: “It starts with one of my favourites which is a pancake blowout.

“I can eat as many pancakes as I want with as many sweets, as much chocolate or as much ice cream as I want for breakfast, so it’s a good start to the day.”

Luke added: “This is the more extreme end of the diet, so for Tom and I we usually consume over a kilo of meat a day.

“It could be 10 eggs for breakfast, lunch would be 350g of mince and we’d either have pasta or potatoes or rice with that and accompanied with some veg.

“Then if we go into a competition that’s when we’re wanting to get in the most calories so it would be a fast food sort of meal like a double patty burger with fries and I’m partial to a strawberry tart.”


Eating so much can cause health problems and they only do so around competition time.


They are also undergo regular checks from doctors to assure their health is not at risk.

Luke said: “We’re very fortunate that Tom and I work with a company who take our bloods.

“Being as big as we are it puts pressure on our hearts and so you’ve got to watch for the cholesterol levels as well and so we get that tested probably once a month.”

They also revealed they avoid dairy as it bloats them and all booze.

The brothers train in a warehouse and often do four hour gym sessions.

Tom Stoltman with his wife Sinead Stoltman
Luke alongside acting legend Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: The Sun


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