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Stanford under fire for allowing man in Hamas headband to ‘terrorize’ Jewish students



Stanford University Ph.D. student, Kevin Feigelis, testified before Congress on the rise of antisemitism on college campuses. He likened anti-Israel protesters at Stanford to children and the university to parents who are failing to discipline them. Feigelis stated that protesters have disrupted classes and some professors have encouraged students to participate in demonstrations. The campus has seen anti-Israel protests amid Israel’s conflict with Hamas, and antisemitism has increased since Hamas attacks in October.

Feigelis set up a pro-Israel encampment outside campus in response to the antisemitism at Stanford. Protesters have spray-painted anti-Israel slogans and shouted down Jewish students. One student snapped a photo of a protester wearing a Hamas headband at a campus encampment. The school submitted the photo to the FBI, but they declined to comment on the matter. The climate of antisemitism and protests on campus have forced some students to move off-campus due to safety concerns.

School officials at Stanford warned students that the encampment violates school policy against overnight camping. Violators could face suspension, and disciplinary cases are being referred to the Office of Community Standards for due process. Students who are referred to OCS may have their diplomas held while their cases are processed. Campus leadership urged students to express their ideas through alternative channels that do not violate university policies.

In a message to students and faculty, Stanford’s President and Provost stated that the campus has remained relatively peaceful physically compared to other universities facing similar protests. They emphasized the importance of following school policies and expressed the possibility of suspension for students who violate them. The university is working to provide students with due process in resolving disciplinary cases. The leadership aims to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all students on campus.

The rise of antisemitism at Stanford University has sparked a heated debate on how to address the issue of anti-Israel protests and discrimination against Jewish students. Feigelis calls on the university leadership to take a stronger stance against the protesters and to discipline students who engage in disruptive and discriminatory behavior. The campus climate has become tense, with Jewish students feeling targeted and unsafe due to the actions of anti-Israel protesters. The university’s response to the situation will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of all students on campus.

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