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Startups Addressing Deepfake and Digital Impersonation Challenges Caused by Generative AI



Deepfakes are digitally manipulated photos, videos, and audio that use someone’s likeness to generate synthetic media. The rapid adoption of generative AI technology has led to a significant increase in deepfakes, becoming a pressing issue in various sectors of society. In response to this problem, several new startups in Seattle are developing software to help identify and protect against deepfakes. Loti, a Seattle startup founded by Luke Arrigoni, helps public figures take down deepfakes and fake accounts. The company uses advanced facial and voice recognition technology to analyze photos and audio and then sends takedown requests to platforms hosting illegitimate content. Additionally, WME, a talent agency in Los Angeles, has signed a deal with Loti to use the platform for its clients.

Certifi AI, another Seattle-based startup, focuses on spotting and eliminating deepfakes, particularly targeting girls and women who are often victims of deepfake pornography. Co-founded by Melissa Hutchins, who has personal experience with cyberstalking, the company serves law enforcement, criminal prosecutions, and media platforms to quickly recognize and remove inappropriate and illegal deepfake content. Hutchins, who previously worked at The Disney Company and Expedia Group, is dedicated to protecting women from deepfake exploitation.

TrueMedia, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded by Oren Etzioni, is developing an AI-powered tool to detect deepfake videos, photos, and audio to combat political disinformation in the lead-up to the 2024 elections. The organization aims to prevent the spread of deepfakes that could influence election outcomes. TrueMedia is funded by Garrett Camp’s nonprofit foundation. Official AI, on the other hand, is building a marketplace to help individuals control their digital likeness and connect with marketers interested in using AI-generated talent. CEO Dave Siegfried emphasizes the importance of building an ecosystem for authenticity in generative AI media and believes that both approaches tackling deepfakes directly and indirectly are necessary for equitable flourishing of such technology.

As the focus on deepfakes continues to grow, venture capitalists are starting to invest in companies and nonprofits working on solutions to combat deepfake technology. However, there are concerns about the accuracy of current deepfake detection tools and the blurring line between real and synthetic content. Despite these challenges, startups like Loti, Certifi AI, TrueMedia, and Official AI are innovating in the space to provide solutions to protect individuals and organizations from the harmful effects of deepfakes. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies, these Seattle-based startups are at the forefront of the fight against deepfakes in the digital age.

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