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Stuart Varney: Biden is using fear, anger, and anti-Trump sentiment to maintain his presidency.



In a recent segment of “My Take” on “Varney & Co.,” host Stuart Varney discussed President Biden’s focus on attacking Trump as a “convicted felon” amidst a lack of political achievements to run on. Varney highlighted Biden’s recent visit to Greenwich, Connecticut, where he sought campaign funding, suggesting that the president’s campaign strategy is becoming clearer. By labeling his opponent as an “unhinged” individual driven mad by his 2020 election loss, Biden is relying on fear, anger, and anti-Trump sentiment to secure his presidency. However, Varney noted that Biden’s approach is a risky gamble given the lack of substantial policy achievements to lean on.

Biden’s emphasis on Trump’s guilty verdicts in the legal system appears to be a deliberate strategy to divert attention away from issues such as inflation, the border crisis, and rising crime rates. By painting Trump as a “convicted felon,” Biden aims to capitalize on negative perceptions of his opponent rather than promoting his own successes. Varney expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of this tactic, especially as the CBS poll reveals that a significant portion of Republicans and Independents now have reduced confidence in the justice system following the guilty verdicts.

The president’s decision to focus on attacking Trump as a criminal reflects a broader trend in American politics, where polarizing figures are used as rallying points for political campaigns. By framing his opponent as a dangerous and corrupt individual, Biden seeks to galvanize his base and mobilize support among anti-Trump voters. However, Varney warned that this strategy may backfire if voters perceive it as a distraction from pressing issues affecting the country.

As the election season unfolds, it is crucial for both candidates to present a compelling vision for the future and concrete plans to address the challenges facing the nation. While attacking opponents has long been a common tactic in political campaigns, it is essential for candidates to strike a balance between highlighting contrasts and offering substantive policy proposals. Varney emphasized the importance of focusing on key issues that resonate with voters, such as economic recovery, national security, and public safety, rather than relying solely on negative attacks.

In conclusion, President Biden’s decision to target Trump as a “convicted felon” reflects his campaign’s focus on anti-Trump sentiment rather than policy achievements. While this strategy may resonate with some voters, it also risks alienating those who prioritize substantive solutions to pressing issues. As the election approaches, both candidates must strike a balance between contrasting their visions and offering tangible plans for the future. By addressing the concerns of voters and presenting a compelling narrative, candidates can build support and secure a path to victory in the upcoming election.

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