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Super commuter brags about 4-state-long commute to NYC: I’m earning ‘Manhattan money’ while keeping living costs low



In today’s economy, many workers are resorting to super-commuting across state lines in order to secure a higher financial payoff. One such example is Kyle Rice, a paramedic and father of two, who works for a tech company in Manhattan while living in Delaware. Rice discussed his super commute during an appearance on “The Big Money Show,” highlighting the significant cost savings he enjoys by living in Delaware compared to the high prices in New York City. Despite facing a two-hour commute each way and spending $170 to $200 round trip, Rice believes that the financial benefits outweigh the challenges of traveling and commuting.

Rice emphasized that the significant raise in pay he received by working in Manhattan makes the commute worth it for him and his family. He mentioned that with commuter benefits provided through work, Amtrak points, and cost-saving measures such as packing his own food, he is able to save money overall despite the travel expenses. The current trend of super-commuting and the desire to move to suburban areas is supported by a recent study by Bank of America, which found an increased demand for suburban housing. This shift in housing preferences indicates a growing interest in relocating from cities to neighboring suburbs.

Another factor contributing to the rise of super-commuting is the access to knowledge and information available to individuals. Rice shared that he was inspired to make his super commute after seeing someone on TikTok sharing their story of commuting. This accessibility to information has empowered individuals, especially younger generations, to take on challenges like super-commuting in order to secure higher-paying jobs and broaden their horizons in terms of work and travel opportunities. Super commuters like Rice are proving that with determination and effort, it is possible to balance a demanding commute with the financial rewards it brings.

The concept of super-commuting is not without its challenges, as highlighted by co-host Brian Brenberg during Rice’s appearance on “The Big Money Show.” Brenberg pointed out potential obstacles such as delays, rising ticket costs, and cancelations that commuters may face when traveling by train. However, Rice remains steadfast in his belief that the financial benefits of super-commuting outweigh the inconveniences of traveling. He emphasized the importance of making calculated decisions, utilizing cost-saving measures, and taking advantage of benefits like commuter programs to optimize the super-commuting experience.

Overall, the trend of super-commuting is gaining traction as individuals like Kyle Rice demonstrate the lengths they are willing to go to in order to secure a reasonable wage. The combination of lower cost of living in suburban areas, higher-paying job opportunities in urban centers, and access to information and resources is driving more people to consider super-commuting as a viable option. As the economy continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, super-commuting may become a more common practice for those looking to maximize their earning potential while maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

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