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Taylor Swift still enjoys watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – but Travis Kelce doesn’t watch with her.



Taylor Swift is a longtime fan of the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy,” having named one of her cats after a character on the show. Recently, it was revealed by Grey’s Anatomy star Anthony Hill that Swift still watches the show, much to the surprise of NFL star Travis Kelce, who is dating the singer. Kelce made it clear that he does not watch the show with Swift, despite her continued interest in it.

Swift has a history of involvement with Grey’s Anatomy, with one of her songs, “White Horse,” being featured in an episode back in 2008. She has expressed her love for the show in the past, praising its blend of humor and drama. Despite her attachment to the series, Swift has never made an appearance on the show, although she did recruit Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo to appear in her “Bad Blood” music video in 2015.

Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on the show, has developed a friendship with Swift over the years. However, she has joked about her inability to meet Swift’s cat due to her severe allergies. In a social media post, Pompeo expressed her disappointment in her Grey’s Anatomy co-stars for supporting the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that Kelce plays for, over the Swift’s boyfriend’s team in the Super Bowl.

While Kelce may not share Swift’s enthusiasm for Grey’s Anatomy, the singer’s love for the show remains strong. Whether it’s naming her cat after a character or having her music featured in pivotal episodes, Swift’s connection to the series continues to be a prominent aspect of her pop culture presence. It remains to be seen if the NFL star will join his girlfriend in watching the beloved medical drama in the future.

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