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Tech professional Lynn Girotto, with experience in marketing, joins Qualtrics as their new chief marketing officer in Seattle.



Qualtrics, a leading experience management technology company, has appointed Lynn Girotto as its new chief marketing officer. Girotto brings with her a wealth of experience from previous roles at companies such as Vimeo, Heap, Amperity, Tableau, Getty Images, Starbucks, and Microsoft. With Qualtrics, she will be leading the marketing efforts to help companies leverage data to enhance the experiences of their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Based in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Qualtrics specializes in providing technology solutions that enable companies to gather data and enhance interactions with their products and services. Girotto’s appointment comes at a crucial time for Qualtrics, as advancements in AI solutions have made it possible for companies to gain deeper insights into their employees, prospects, and customers. By delivering consistent and exceptional experiences, Qualtrics aims to strengthen its position as a brand in the market.

As part of her new role, Girotto will be relocating from Seattle to Utah to spearhead the marketing initiatives at Qualtrics. Her appointment is a part of the company’s broader strategy to strengthen its leadership team and drive growth in the competitive experience management technology sector. In addition to Girotto, Qualtrics recently hired Gurdeep Singh Pall as its first president of artificial intelligence strategy, reflecting the company’s focus on leveraging AI to enhance its offerings.

In the Pacific Northwest region, there have been notable personnel changes, including the appointment of Teamable CEO Matthew Raymond as vice president of product at Humanly following its acquisition of Teamable. Raymond, who was previously head of product at Teamable and has experience at Mailchimp, will bring his expertise to drive product innovation at Humanly. Additionally, Ron Miller, who previously served as a senior engineering manager at Starbucks, joined Arc’teryx Equipment as director of engineering, further showcasing the talent in the region.

Overall, these recent appointments and acquisitions highlight the dynamic nature of the technology industry in the Pacific Northwest. Companies like Qualtrics are actively recruiting top talent to drive innovation and growth in the competitive market. With experienced leaders like Lynn Girotto at the helm, Qualtrics is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory and deliver exceptional experiences for its clients. As the industry evolves and new technologies emerge, companies will need to stay agile and proactive in attracting skilled professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

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