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2022’s Greatest Hacks and Leaks, Ranked



Well, it’s that time of year folks. Yes, as we inch into December and towards 2023, the time has finally come to tally up the greatest (read: worst, most unfortunate, most ridiculous) hacking episodes of the year. As far as cybersecurity disasters go, 2022 wasn’t quite as bad as other recent years. There were fewer high-profile ransomware attacks this year. No giant, SolarWinds-style scandals graced the headlines…and yet, things still weren’t that great. Cryptocurrency hacks led to billions of dollars in losses, droves of giant corporations proved they lacked basic digital security, and, once again, cybercriminals demonstrated that that their business model is an extremely profitable one. Let’s be honest, digital insecurity in the U.S. was—as per usual—a shit-show. Take a quick look back with us, as we review this year’s most memorable hacking episodes and data breaches. Let this be your reminder to update your browser and invest in a password manager (but be careful which one, because sometimes those get hacked multiple times in one year, too)

Source: Gizmodo

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