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AI Turned These Memes Into Videos and It’s the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen



Last week, Stability AI announced a new tool called Stable Video Diffusion, a model that turns images into AI-generated videos. It was only a matter of minutes before people jumped on it and started flooding the world with more content from the robotic abyss.

For less creative internet users hoping to drum up clicks (can you imagine such a terrible creature), the most obvious use of this tool is to plug memes into the thing. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened on Twitter—aka X—where a variety of meme-to-video AI creations went unfortunately viral. The results were about as horrific as anything you can imagine.

Stable Video Diffusion is locked behind a waitlist, but there are a number of other AI tools that will turn any still image into a video for your pleasure, or your nightmares, including Pika Labs and Runway. Take a look at some of these horrifically animated memes, generated using Runway’s free tool.

Click through to see some of the more Lovecraftian meme/video creations by clicking through the slideshow above, or just scroll down if you’re on a mobile device.

Source: Gizmodo


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