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Cyclops Makes For a Better Iron Man Than Tony Stark In This Rad New Action Figure



For the past few years, toymaker Sentinel’s “Fighting Armor” toyline has transformed Marvel heroes from across the comics into mechanized warriors better than even the actual Marvel Comics crossovers to do so. While its forays into the worlds of Mutantkind have been few and far between, its latest turns an X-Men stalwart into maybe its best spin on the idea yet.

Announced overnight, Sentinel revealed a first look at the Fighting Armor Cyclops, which takes an amalgam of several of Scott’s classic comics looks—from the legendary ‘90s Jim Lee design to his completely-over-the-head cowl aesthetic from earlier iterations of X-Men and X-Factor—and turns them into a very cool armored hero design that’s equal parts Iron X-Man and Mutant Suit Gundam.

To be honest, the Iron Man comparisons that founded the Fighting Armor line even really fall away for Cyclops, who looks much more interestingly robotic than most Iron Man armors do thanks to the little things that make Scott’s design what it is, like his mono-eye visor—he definitely leans into more looking like what if the X-Men made their own giant robot to fight a Sentinel, rather than strapping armor over themselves. It’s perfectly Scott Summers: a little dorky and nerdy, but also extremely cool when your back’s up against the wall and people are ready to throw mechanized hands.

The Fighting Armor Cyclops is set to release in June 2024 in Japan, and comes with multiple bonus accessories including a “smoking” and regular-firing optic blast attachment for Scott’s visor, alternate hands (including a thumbs up, which is definitely something Scott would be doing after realizing he’s fighting in a robot suit), and opening parts on the suit for extra articulation and posing. He’ll cost around $100 on import sites, and is available to pre-order now—click through to see more pictures of him, as well as the other X-Men Fighting Armor figure releasing in June along side him: Magneto, the master of magnetism!

Source: Gizmodo


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