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DC Comics’ Wonderful Swimsuit Covers Are Sexy and Tasteful



Back in the ‘90s, Marvel released several Swimsuit Specials, mimicking the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but for its audience of horny nerds. The results were… well, tragic might be overselling it, but Marvel heroes (including some male ones) were stuffed in the skimpiest costumes imaginable, often contorted into overtly sexual (and frequently impossible) poses. Thirty years later, DC Comics has decided to follow (swim)suit, but the results are much, much better.

These eight variant covers, all due in June, feature DC’s heroes in swimsuits people would actually wear, in natural poses, and they’re all sexier for it. Because these characters are good-looking! Put them in swimsuits, of course they’ll be sexy! I mean, look at the above cover of Action Comics #1056 by Otto Schmidt! And then, look at the rest!

Source: Gizmodo

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