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Get Musical with Star Wars’ New Figrin D’an & Modal Nodes Figures



Across the decades, there’ve been several truths established in Star Wars franchise: the Jedi doomed themselves, Skywalker men are dramatic as hell, and Figrin D’an and his band the Modal Nodes are the greatest band in the cosmos. The original Star Wars film put them on the map, and now Hasbro’s releasing a new set of action figures in celebration of the galaxy’s best jizz artists.

Revealed at Hasbro’s PulseCon, Figrin and the rest of the Modal Nodes are getting the toy treatment yet again, this time for the Star Wars Vintage Collection. The whole seven-person Bith ensemble is here, with their instruments, in a multipack of 3.75-inch figures. These figures also come in packaging inspired by the Hasbro-Kenner toy line of old.

The Figrin D’an & the Modal Nodes figures will arrive in spring 2023 for $89.99. Pre-orders will go live in North America and select European markets today at 6 PM ET, either at Hasbro Pulse or ShopDisney. Take a look at the figures’ box and the band themselves below.

Here they are…the band, the myths, the legends.

Introducing Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes!

Starring…Doikk Na’ts!

Nalan Cheel on the bandfill!

Fanfar player, Tedn Dahai!

Tech Mo’r, ommni boxer!

Drummer Sun’il Ei’de!

And finally, our main man…Figrin D’an!!!

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