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Godzilla’s Gorgeous New Design Getting Equally Gorgeous Action Figure



At the end of the week, Godzilla stomps back into theaters with the release of Godzilla Minus One, one of the best movies of the year. He’s doing so with a slick new look, evoking the King of the Monsters’ classic design with some gritty, grotty detailing and a whole lot of threatening dorsal fins—something captured in Super7’s slick new action figure.

Revealed today as the latest entry in the toymaker’s Toho Ultimates line, the Minus One Godzilla figure clocks in at 8″ tall, and 14″ from nuclear-heat-ray-firing snout to the tip of his building-leveling tail. Sparsely accessorized, Godzilla will only come with one extra accessory, alas: a roaring head, to swap out with the default neutral one.

But while it doesn’t have much to go on, it makes up for it by being a faithful recreation of the Minus One design: which mean’s it’s pretty high up there as an all-time great look for Big G. Based on the stunning 3D models from Takashi Yamazaki’s new movie, it’s a genuinely fantastic update to the classic Godzilla aesthetic—it looks like a wonderful mix between a physical suit and a living beast, and draws on elements of design from all over Godzilla’s 69 years of history. Not just in Japan, either, but with the Legendary “Monsterverse” take to boot.

Click through to see a couple more pictures of the figure, which will set you back $85 when it goes up for pre-order this Friday, December 1—just in time for Godzilla Minus One to hit theaters.

Source: Gizmodo


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