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Good Omens’ Season 2 Trailer Teases a Madcap Cosmic Mystery



The world may be perpetually teetering on the brink of doom, but at least we have Aziraphale and Crowley coming back to help us cope. Season two of Prime Video’s Good Omens, co-created by Neil Gaiman and starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant, drops in July—and the first trailer is here now.

Billed as “a mystery that takes us from before the Beginning, to biblical times, grave robbing in Victorian Edinburgh, the Blitz of 1940s England, all the way through to modern day,” season two of Good Omens will expand beyond Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s novel. That’s out of necessity since season one wrapped things up rather well, but also due to audience demand for more time with uptight angel Aziraphale (Sheen) and slithery demon Crowley (Tennant)—plus their friends, frenemies, and enemies, including the arcangel Gabriel (Jon Hamm).

Gabriel will play a key role in the new season, according to Prime Video’s synopsis. With the apocalypse taken care of (we hope) last season, Aziraphale and Crowley are back to lurking among mortals in London—“until the archangel Gabriel turns up unexpectedly at the door of Aziraphale’s bookshop with no memory of who he is or how he got there. While Crowley is leery as to why the archangel has come to the bookshop, Aziraphale is keen to solve the mystery behind Gabriel’s condition. However, hiding the archangel from both Heaven and Hell quickly disrupts their lives in unforeseen ways. To solve this mystery and thwart Heaven and Hell in the process, the duo will need more than a miracle; they’ll need to once again rely on each other.”

In addition to Sheen, Tennant, and Hamm, season two brings back Doon Mackichan as the archangel Michael, and Gloria Obianyo as the archangel Uriel. There will be some familiar faces among the cast playing new roles as well: Miranda Richardson as demon Shax, Maggie Service as Maggie, and Nina Sosanya as Nina. There are also new characters, including Liz Carr as angel Saraqael, Quelin Sepulveda as angel Muriel, and Shelley Conn as demon Beelzebub.


All six episodes of Good Omens season two arrive July 28 on Prime Video, which means you have plenty of time to watch (or re-watch, it’s that wonderful) season one right now.

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