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Hasbro’s New Marvel Legends Toys Are Spider-Man: No Way Home Unleashed



Hasbro’s movie-based side of Marvel Legends is about to swing into high gear with a brand new wave based on Spider-Man: No Way Home—and if you were patiently waiting through the company’s past releases from the movie expecting certain heroes and villains, your wait is about to pay off… and so is your wallet.

Today Hasbro revealed an entire new wave of figures based on No Way Home, featuring brand new figures for key characters and new re-releases of some familiar faces—with those aforementioned faces actually included this time around.

Yes, the highlight is individual standalone releases of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men, after Hasbro previously released the trio as a three-pack deluxe set earlier this year. This time, though, each figure comes with an unmasked head of their respective Petes—and the Holland Spidey is actually based on his new final suit from the film rather than the integrated suit he wore in its climax.

Joining the Peters Parker are a mix of heroes and villains. Zendaya’s MJ will get a brand new figure based on the film, and she’ll be joined by none other than Matt Murdock, attorney at law—who even comes with a brick to catch like he does in the movie. They’ll be joined in the main wave by Sandman and two deluxe releases: first, Green Goblin, which includes an unmasked Norman Osborn head as well as the iconic Raimi movie helmet, and of course his glider. The second, arriving at a later date, is Doctor Octavius, who will feature his updated No Way Home design and articulated tentacled limbs.

Click through to see new pictures of the Spideys, MJ, Matt Murdock, Sandman, and Green Goblin below. The main No Way Home wave goes up for preorder later today for $25 each, at Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, GameStop and other major retailers, and are set to release later this year. Green Goblin and Doc Ock will cost $50 each, and will go up for preorder at a later date.


Source: Gizmodo

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