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Hazbin Hotel Checks In to Prime Video in January



In 2019, animator and illustrator Vivienne Medrano (aka VivziePop) released the pilot for her upcoming animated series Hazbin Hotel. Animation fans took the show fairly well and at time of writing, it’s racked up 90 million views on YouTube. The following year, A24 opted to pick up the pilot for a full-blown show, and audiences will soon see the full results of that in the next couple of months.

Earlier in the week, Medrano posted a short teaser confirming Hazbin Hotel was hitting Prime Video in January 2024—an air date that’s been previously inhabited by The Legend of Vox Machina for the last two years. Originally, the series would’ve been out around this past summer, but the Hollywood strikes put a wrench in those plans. Additionally, A24 and Prime have already given Hazbin the green light for a second season. Further details, such as the cast or episode count, have currently not been revealed.


Hazbin Hotel stars Charlie Morningstar (voiced in the pilot by Jill Harris), the princess of Hell who opens a hotel in the aims of rehabilitating demons so they can ascend into Heaven and also deal with the bad place’s overpopulation problem. Assisting her in her efforts are her girlfriend and the hotel manager Vaggie (Monica Franco), adult film star/their first patron Angel Dust (Michael Kovach), and Alastor (Edward Bosco), a Radio Demon who’s helping run the hotel for giggles. The pilot received praise from most viewers for its music and animation quality, though it was dinged for its humor being a little too edgy.

As production on the actual Hazbin show was underway, Medrano and the pilot’s production company Spindlehorse Toons created the spinoff series Helluva Boss, which focuses on assassins in Hell and has a third season in production.

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