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Ikea Just Announced Smart Home Sensors for Under $10



Ikea just announced a set of smart home sensors: a door and window sensor named Parasoll, a motion sensor called Vallhorn, and a water leakage sensor called Badring. These are set to be globally released starting in January 2024. The Verge reports that each of the sensors is likely to retail in the U.S. for under $10, based on pricing in Europe.

Parasoll is a standard door and window sensor. It can be mounted on any of the two and will let you know when it detects an open or closed action. The cool thing about this sensor is that it can be paired with an Ikea light bulb without any additional hassle of investing in and programming a whole Ikea Home smart hub, as The Verge points out. According to an Ikea press release in German, Parasoll and the new motion sensor Vallhorn will be priced at €9.99 in Europe.

Vallhorn works like a typical motion sensor and turns on lights or performs other activities when it detects movement indoors or outdoors. The Verge compares it to Ikea’s existing motion sensor (Trådfri, $14.99), which senses less room than Vallhorn, is only usable indoors, and requires its batteries to be replaced more often. Vallhorn and Parasoll will be available globally starting in January 2024, according to Ikea.


Badring has the potential to be nothing less than a lifesaver (for just €9.99, according to Ikea). By alerting you as soon as it senses a leak, it could end up saving you a lot of money at its very reasonable price. Badring works by featuring a built-in siren that goes up to 60 dBA upon sensing a depth of at least 1 meter, according to The Verge. Ikea says this product will be available starting in April 2024.

Even though we don’t have official U.S. pricing for these items yet, if they live up to their promised capabilities they’re likely to be a great entry into smart home products for households on a tight budget.

This article has been updated to appropriately cite sources for the information about the products’ pricing and features.

Source: Gizmodo

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