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James Gunn DC Slate Revealed: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern & More



Superman, Batman and two Green Lanterns will feature prominently in the newly reimagined DC Universe, a shared, overarching storyline blending films, television, animation, games, and more, all under the watchful eyes of DC Studios presidents James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Monday, the pair spoke to a room of journalists on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, CA to reveal the (likely) first 10 projects in the first part of a two-chapter, 8-10 year overarching storyline. The first part of chapter one—of which these new movies and TV shows make up—is being referred to as “Gods and Monsters” and it officially kicks off July 11, 2025 with Superman: Legacy, a brand new live-action Superman film, after which all DC content will take place in the same canon. (DC content that’s not part of the DCU will be labeled “Elseworlds.”)

There will also be a Green Lantern TV show called Lanterns, a Booster Gold show, a Swamp Thing movie, Supergirl, Amazons—oh, and a new Batman movie. Inspired by Grant Morrison’s popular run, The Brave and the Bold will feature both Bruce Wayne as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. But those are just a few examples of what’s coming. Click through to read about all 10 projects, with quotes from Gunn and Safran, or click below to jump ahead.

  1. Creative Commandos (An animated HBO Max show)
  2. Waller (A live-action HBO Max show)
  3. Superman: Legacy (Theatrical film)
  4. Lanterns (A live-action HBO Max show)
  5. The Authority (Theatrical film)
  6. Paradise Lost (A live-action HBO Max show)
  7. The Brave and the Bold (Theatrical film)
  8. Booster Gold (A live-action HBO Max show)
  9. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (Theatrical film)
  10. Swamp Thing (Theatrical film)

(Note: All images were specifically provided by DC Studios as reference.)

Source: Gizmodo


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