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Magic: The Gathering Gets Mysterious and Murderous in Its Latest Expansion



A new Magic: The Gathering set is nearly upon us—and taking players back to the grim world of Ravnica and its guilds for a bit of a twist: who drew blood at Karlov Manor? It’s a question fans will try and solve not just in the run up to the new expansion, but through its cards… and through a very peculiar Clue crossover.

Murders at Karlov Manor focuses on the investigations of Alquist Proft, the finest detective in all of Ravnica, as he and other sleuths are tasked with hunting down a killer at the titular Karlov estate. With themeing that kicks off in a series of daily puzzles alongside the set’s pre-release window on February 2, 2024, Murders itself will also include 13 “Mystery File” cards within the actual set, with their own puzzles to solve as they try to find out whodunit, alongside story-themed spotlights that weave the murder mystery plot across your collection, as well as themed alt art cards—including some with an invisible ink treatment to amplify the detective vibes.

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All that culminates in Magic’s latest weird crossover—although not in a set of cards themselves, or at least, not really. After Murders at Karlov Manor launches wide on February 9, a few weeks later on February 23 Hasbro will release Ravnica: Clue Edition, a special amalgam take on both Magic and the classic mystery board game. Complete with special cards to play inspired by Clue, it’s a race against time to solve the death of a Guildmage… and a race against your fellow investigators, who you can do battle with to eliminate from the proceedings.

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