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Mara Wilson Voices Chuck Tingle’s Camp Damascus, Buckaroos



Chuck Tingle is known for his cheeky erotic comedies which he first started publishing in 2014. For his first full-length, traditionally published novel, Tingle has turned to a different set of inspirations. Horror movies, sleepaway summer camp stories, and queer survival are all a part of Camp Damascus. And now, io9 is excited to announce that the audiobook for Camp Damascus is going to be narrated by none other than Mara Wilson.

Camp Damascus follows a young woman named Rose “as she starts to figure out what she wants to do with her life after graduation. Up in the remote city of Neverton, Montana, there’s not much to do. The most powerful institution is the religious group, Kingdom of the Pine, and Neverton is really known for one thing; the conversion camp run by the church, Camp Damascus.”

I won’t get into the story just yet—stay tuned for our full review of the novel soon—but there is something about Tingle’s heartfelt, nuanced takes on identity and love that makes this book impactful and special. “It’s a joy to bring Chuck Tingle’s work to life,” said Wilson in a statement provided to io9. “His writing is frightening, funny, fearless, but ultimately, always sincere.”

“Mara is a true buckaroo and a profoundly emotive artist. I’m so honored to have her along on this journey, lending her voice and proving love is real even in dark places,” said Chuck Tingle.


Audiobook and hardcover editions of Camp Damascus will be published on July 18, 2023, and you can preorder here.

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