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Pedro Pascal Wants to End The Mandalorian With a Movie



Get a look at Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Ends. Melanie Lynskey joins the cast of HBO’s The Last of Us. Jodie Whittaker promises her Doctor Who regeneration scene is “one for the Whovians.” Plus, one last look at Smile, and new set pictures from Secret Invasion. To me, my Spoilers!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

According to Empire, actor Tenoch Huerta confirmed his Namor “is indeed a mutant” in a recent interview with the magazine.

The Mandalorian: The Movie

Pedro Pascal also answered for producer Rick Famuyiwa when asked if The Mandalorian “planned to end the series with a feature film.”

I’ll answer for him, yes he wants to. That’s a great idea. And if it isn’t a conversation already, then it will be after today.

Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis shared a new photo of Lindsey Wallace (who has apparently become a goth fortune teller following the events of the previous film) in Halloween Ends.


Black Adam

Black Adam throws down with each member of the Justice Society in a new TV spot.


Meanwhile, the final Smile trailer promises to “ruin smiles forever.”


Graphic videos take their toll on an online content moderator in the teaser for Deleter, which Variety reports is planning “to target film festivals that take place at the end of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023.”

The Last of Us

TV Line confirms Melanie Lynskey is playing Kathleen, “the ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City” in the upcoming Last of Us TV series.


Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker stated her upcoming regeneration scene is “one for the Whovians” in a recent interview with Empire.

It’s one for the Whovians. It’s a huge treat if you’re a proper fan. It’s got all the iconic things that you associate with Doctor Who. It’s massive. I love the dialogue Chris wrote for my regeneration. It captures my Doctor beautifully. It’s simple, epic and beautiful. When I could see the crew was happy with that last shot, that’s when my bottom lip started going. I was like, ‘Well, they can’t say they need another take now because I’ve fucking lost it!’

Additionally, the outlet has a new image from the upcoming 90-minute special.

The Santa Clauses

Entertainment Weekly also has two new photos from The Santa Clauses.

Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke (who’s rumored to be playing a Skrull, G’iah/Gloria Warner) is now filming reshoots on Secret Invasion.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The Cerritos docks at Deep Space Nine in the synopsis for “Hear All, Trust Nothing” — this week’s episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks.


The Cerritos crew unexpectedly spends a day on Deep Space Nine.

Written by: Grace Parra Janney

Directed by: Fill Marc Sagadraca

[Spoiler TV]

Solar Opposites

Finally, Solar Opposites has released a trailer for its new Halloween special airing October 3 on Hulu.

Source: Gizmodo


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