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Scissor Sisters’ Scott Hoffman Is Bringing a Musical Future to Comics



Comixology is teaming up with Scissor Sisters’ co-founder Scott Hoffman—better known by his stage name “Babydaddy”—to work on a new, five-part sci-fi comic blending Hoffman’s world of glam rock music with dystopian sci-fi, and io9 has your first look inside.

“I culled a lot of ideas from my personal experience and the incredible 12 years I spent in the band Scissor Sisters (2024 brings the 20th anniversary of our first album!),” Hoffman said in a press release provided to io9 . “I also studied writing at Columbia University and am a big reader and fan of comics. Part of my intention with Nostalgia is to bring back my own nostalgia for an era of comics that I feel close to, particularly the 90s subversive Vertigo days—edgy, somewhat literary, more adult.”

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Featuring art by Danijel Žeželj, colors by Lee Loughridge, and lettering by Steve Wands, alongside design work from Rian Hughes, Nostalgia follows the titular musician, a.k.a. Craig Mancini, as he finds himself thrust into a total deconstruction of the dystopian world he thought he knew after a mysterious delivery lands on his doorstep.

Click through to see a sneak preview from the first issue of Nostalgia, which is set to drop on Comixology starting next week on June 13. The comic will be available for purchase or included for free with Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited subscriptions.

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