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Tesla Cybertruck Crashes Into the Beverly Hills Hotel Sign



This story originally appeared on Jalopnik.

If you follow social media, you’ll know that there have been more than a few crashes and fender benders involving the Tesla Cybertruck. Yet another such crash happened in Beverly Hills last night, reportedly involving the actual owner of the truck.

We came across the incident on Twitter X. A user by the name of @jackdidthat tweeted that the valet at the Beverly Hills Hotel had crashed their friend’s Cybertruck along with a picture of the truck after the incident; it appears to have crashed into a wall right below the Beverly Hills Hotel entrance sign. This person was also weirdly reaching out to Elon Musk in the same tweet asking if he could help his friend get another truck. It turns out that wasn’t exactly the case.


InsideEV reports that the owner of the truck was actually the one responsible for the crash although they didn’t exactly say how they learned this information. No matter who cause the crash, the outcome does not look good. If you look closely at the picture from the scene, you can see that the front passenger wheel is off, likely due to how high the wall is near the sign.

There’s really no other details right now other than what we can see on social media. If this was caused by the owner, it’s a pretty shitty (and pointless) move to try and point the finger at an innocent valet. It will also be interesting to learn just how the hell the crash happened in the first place. User error? Malfunction? We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more details as they become available.

Source: Gizmodo

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