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The Best ChatGPT Alternatives Worth Checking Out



Ever since a chatbot called ChatGPT launched last November, artificial intelligence has become the most powerful force in the tech industry.

ChatGPT wasn’t just any old chatbot but a hefty, data-trained program, able to engage with users conversationally and spit out immense amounts of knowledge at the drop of a hat. Its creator, the artificial intelligence lab OpenAI, heralded the new technology as a transformative tool that could spur society-wide changes. Now, big companies—from Google to Microsoft to Meta—are rushing to compete and have begun to launch their own AI products and integrations. It’s a moment of intense commercial enthusiasm for this particular field, one that has alternately been dubbed the “AI revolution” or the “AI arms race.”

According to Sam Altman, the pasty-faced CEO of OpenAI, the future of artificial intelligence looks quite bright: “This will be the greatest technology humanity has yet developed,” Altman recently told an ABC interviewer. “What I hope…is that we successively develop more and more powerful systems that we can all use in different ways that integrate it into our daily lives, into the economy, and become an amplifier of human will.”

You may believe that or, like myself, you may quietly suspect we’re all being buttered up so that, when the robopocalypse happens and the human race is forcibly installed into metaverse eggsacks a la The Matrix, we won’t complain quite so much. Nevertheless, even if you do share those concerns, you’re probably still kinda curious about these chatbots, the likes of which have weirdly become some of the web’s most sought-after programs. For that, take a look at the following…

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