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The First Figures From The Marvels Are, Well, Marvelous



A new Marvel movie on the horizon means new Marvel movie merch, and The Marvels is kicking things off at Hasbro with the first action figures based on the upcoming team-up movie. Check out the new figures for Carol, Kamala, and Monica—as well as a few comic book faves joining them.

The first wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends figures featuring characters from The Marvels is actually pretty light compared to some prior Hasbro waves tied into upcoming movies. The seven-figure wave contains just three figures from The Marvels, the rest bringing in comic book takes on Iron Man and Captain America, as well as the Inhuman badass/massive jerk Karnak and… Marvel Boy? Well, I guess it is a wave for The Marvels, so he’s at least thematically adjacent.

Even the wave’s Build-a-Figure bonus for collecting parts from other toys in the collection isn’t from the MCU; instead, it’s Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk who gets the spotlight. On the one hand, it makes sense—we barely know what The Marvels is going to be about at this point, and Hasbro just as likely only knows a little more than we do when it comes to what characters beyond the main trio would make for standout action figures. On the other, it is a little weird that our first figures from the film are surrounded by some very peculiar choices.

Either way, click through to see pictures of Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau—complete with her official code name for the film, Photon!—as well as the other figures in the wave. All these figures will cost $25 each, and are set to go up for preorder tomorrow, June 7, at Hasbro Pulse and other retailers at 1:00 pm ET ahead of a release in September. Just in time for The Marvels, which is set to hit theaters November 10.

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