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The Flash Movie DC Crossover That Almost Happened But Didn’t



When The Flash hits theaters later this month, audiences are in for a whole lot of surprises. We know there are two Batmen in it. We know that Supergirl is in it. We know that General Zod is in it. Some other things have leaked too and there’s much, much more. One thing many fans might be expecting isn’t in it though, and we asked the film’s director and producer why.

Note: the people behind this have already confirmed on the record that it doesn’t happen, so we’re running it now. But if you want to go into The Flash completely cold and brimming with possibility, you should leave now. We won’t spoil anything that happens in the movie, only something that’s not in it at all.

Back in early 2020, months after director Andy Muschietti came on board The Flash with his producer partner, Barbara Muschietti, Ezra Miller appeared on The Flash TV series as his version of the Flash. Miller’s Barry found themselves opposite the star of that show, Grant Gustin, as Barry, and it was fun and weird and surprising. Here it is.


The conclusion would be, then, that Gustin himself would appear in the movie. Well, earlier this year, as The Flash TV show was getting set to wrap up, Gustin confirmed to TV Line that he doesn’t. “There’s been a lot of rumors out there for a long time and no one’s come out directly and asked me ever on the record,” Gustin said. “People ask me on the street all the time but no, I’m not keeping some big, elaborate secret.”

io9 spoke to the Muschiettis recently and asked if a theatrical crossover was ever going to happen. “Someone mentioned it in the early stages of the project … and I thought it was a great idea, but unfortunately we couldn’t put everyone [in]. We had to choose,” Andy said. “But we love Grant,” Barbara added. “And he’s done clearly an amazing job to bring the Flash to life for so many seasons.”

Not having the space for a third version of the Flash (remember, Miller plays two versions) makes sense. The film already has to do so much with Barry, Barry’s parents, Batman one, Batman two, Supergirl, Zod, etc. And hey, at least Flash fans will always have the TV crossover.

The Flash movie opens June 16. Check back next week for our review.

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