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The Gaming Shelf Enters Its Era of Silence



We truly have an incredible lineup of games today! In between digital tools, tarot-inspired TTRPGs, a new version of Catan, and even some of the Dragon Game in the “other news” section, there’s a little something for everyone.

Featured Designer: Shrike Tabletop

Shrike Tabletop is a democratically operated game design studio comprising of four members: F. Dan O’Neill (he/him), R. Val (she/her), Moss Sugarmountains (they/them), and Willabee (they/she). “We say we make games about combat and cooperation and that’s held true so far!” said the team in an email to io9. Era of Silence is their first game, and it focuses on recreating “crunchy traditional games with tactical combats.”

Era of Silence came from a late-night conversation between Dan and me,” said Val in her emailed response to io9. “I had been looking for a home for my passion project setting, Vian. Dan had been looking for a place to field his ideas for a core dice mechanic, which we’d later call Thorne. In a way, it just worked out!”

Vian is “A futuristic fantasy world where its gods had gone missing for over 1,000 years,” said Val. She explained that “Dan and Moss [helped] it take a new form as this chemipunk fantasy future where people on the fringes of an alchemical society fight to survive and make their own meaning.”

“Over the course of a couple of years… the game grew over time to a 200-page tome that we’re immensely proud of,” explained Val. “It’s definitely a game for someone who likes crunchy tactical RPGs that hide the math under the hood to keep you playing quickly, wrapped in a unique sci-fantasy vibe.”


New Releases: Crescendo of Violence, One More Multiverse: Blades in the Dark, Killer Ratings, Cloud Empress

“2093, Neo York. A dystopian technological marvel, where concrete high-rises brim with holographic neon, as gilded mob bosses, flashy CEOs, and famous vid-stars all strive to consolidate their power over the masses.
And while the rain reflects the neon, it never washes away the grime and filth of the streets. Welcome to a world of synth-jazz and cybernetics, where the status quo grinds down the hard-working man and vat-grown clone alike.” A rules-light, cinematic RPG that focuses on factions and loyalty; a very cool new RPG!

One More Multiverse has teamed up with John Harper to produce a digitally native Blades in the Dark virtual tabletop setting. I got a demo tour of the gameplay interface and it’s a genuinely impressive and innovative way to get the heist-based TTRPG of rogues and rascals onto an interactive, immersive environment. From the digital tools that allow for an easy-to-understand rulebook experience to the cute little pic-crew/character maker, OMM has worked incredibly hard to deliver something that feels like an MMORPG that your table controls.

Killer Ratings is a one-shot, zero-prep, rules-light tabletop roleplaying game for 3 to 5 players and a Director. It’s a perfect vehicle for longtime groups and first-time players alike to get loud and tacky with each other, creating high concept characters who are compelling to watch and hilarious to kill off.”

Cloud Empress is an ecological science fantasy setting for the science horror tabletop roleplaying game Mothership. Cloud Empress: in the land of ten thousand cicadas will be produced as a full-color zine and PDF and is currently in development. The game will be crowdfunded for a physical release in early 2023.”

Crowdfunding: The Zone RPG, Code Warriors, Koriko, 3 Minutes

The Zone is a tabletop RPG for 1-6 players about lost souls on a surreal play-to-lose journey to the center of an alien place that manifests their phobias and obsessions until everyone mutates and only one survives. Inspired by Annihilation, Stalker, Roadside Picnic, and the SCP Foundation.”

Code Warriors is a tabletop RPG where you portray a program living inside a computer world. The computer is crashing. It’s the apocalypse. Think Tron meets Mad Max with a host of other sci-fi and apocalyptic inspirations thrown in. The stories you tell will center on survival, teamwork, the unknown, power and control, and rebuilding the world.”

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Koriko is designed for contemplative solo play. It’s a bubbling cauldron of simple rules and writing prompts, stirred together to produce the story of a teenage witch spending a year away from home in an unfamiliar city—Koriko. You’ll use this book, a deck of tarot cards, and a teetering tower of dice to explore the city, work to improve your witch’s fortunes and meet some of the city’s weird and wonderful residents.”

3 Minutes is a tabletop roleplaying game from Cave of Monsters Games (Henshin! A Sentai RPG, Rider Konchu) with art by Alejandro Bruzzese, that pays homage to Ultraman, Mirrorman, and other shows in the vein. The game has players create a Host and their Guardian, whose mission it is to hunt down and fight Aliens called EIJI. The flow of the game has players traveling to different locations as part of a Monster Defense patrol, using their unique backgrounds and special abilities and Guardian forms, to defend Earth against any attacks.”

In Other News:

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