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The Internet Has Crowned Marvel’s Tenoch Huerta ‘Agua Papi’—Here’s Why



If you log into Twitter and search “Agua Papi Namor,” you will see account after account thirsting after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star-antagonist Tenoch Huerta. For anyone who requires a translation, “Aqua Papi” means “Water Daddy”—which, well, let io9 show you why this nickname is so fitting.

The Mexican actor, whose full name is Tenoch Huerta Mejía, plays Namor, the ruler of Talokan—an underwater, Mesoamerican-inspired empire that wants to hide itself (and its resources) from the world. In his breakout role, Huerta won the hearts of Marvel fans all over the world thanks to his portrayal of a strong leader, and for the actor’s funny, endearing red carpet moments and interviews. He’s given the world hilarious snippets about the small green “shame shorts” that he had to wear as a costume while filming. He also admitted he had to learn to swim with floaties for the role.

Unsurprisingly, the response has been a barrage of love from people all over the world, but especially fans who now call him “Agua Papi,” aka Water Daddy.

Being a Papi is not just a title, it’s a vibe. Just like some actors—like Rahul Kohli—get to claim status as a “Daddy” with their fans, Huerta has gained Papi status with his.

Here are a few other reasons why he is the internet’s Agua Papi. You’re welcome!


Source: Gizmodo

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