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The Spider-Heroes of Across the Spider-Verse, Ranked



There are a ton of Spider-people in Across the Spider-Verse. A ton. Between the all new designs created to turn Spider-Man 2099’s Spider-Society into a veritable legion of webcrawlers, or the veritable spider-smorgasbord of comics, gaming, movie, and TV cameos, the movie is just teeming with Spider-folks. But some are more important than most, and some… well, some are better than others.

The ideological divide between Miles Morales and Miguel O’Hara that drives the heart of Across the Spider-Verse means that, inevitably, the idea of the Spider-Society and its role in the multiverse becomes a major turning point for our heroes, with lines crossed and sides drawn to set up a multiversal Spidey civil war (no, not that one) by the time we get to see Beyond the Spider-Verse next year. What that inevitably means though, is that some Spider-people in this movie rule, and some of them are massive jerks.

Here’s 20 of the most impactful Spider-people in Across, which we found has ultimately broken down into roughly 10 pretty great Spider-folks, and 10… 10 that don’t exactly come out looking all that well. Click through for our official Across the Spider-Verse ranking, from the worst to the best. Of course, this means, beware…

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