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Things You Didn’t Know About Tesla’s Humanoid Robots



While Optimus has no stated use cases yet, one idea many have floated is that they’d make good factory workers. Tesla has already automated much of its car-making process, using enormous robot arms to move heavy car panels. However, Optimus could be a useful robot to do more delicate tasks.

Optimus is a general robot shaped like a human, and it can learn tasks that humans can already do. It’s made to fit into our human world and could even be trained to use other machines, sit at a desk, or more. This is different from past robots which are built and designed to do one task only.

Optimus could be useful to Amazon’s shipping services, textile production, microchip production, and other industries where humans currently work. The humanoid robots have greater intelligence and precision than most robots, making them ideal candidates for a number of jobs.

Source: Gizmodo


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