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“The Drunken Tenor” steals the show at the GeekWire Awards by showcasing old-school tech



Robert McPherson, known as “The Drunken Tenor,” entertained the crowd at the GeekWire Awards in Seattle with a musical performance set to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” The theme of the night was “Land Before Tech,” and McPherson sang about outdated gadgets and tech items that have been replaced by more modern devices. The audience enjoyed the humorous performance, reminiscing about the technology of the past.

McPherson, who has also starred in Seattle Opera’s “A Very Drunken Christmas Carol,” is a Grammy winner known for his creative and comedic musical talents. Last year, he performed a song about generative AI at the GeekWire Awards, but this year he focused on obsolete technology. He quickly wrote the parody song in just three days after researching and categorizing items that rhymed.

The audience at the sold-out event at Showbox SoDo reacted positively to McPherson’s performance, laughing and cheering as they recognized devices like VHS tapes, Palm Pilots, and BlackBerries. The lyrics of the song highlighted how quickly technology evolves and becomes outdated, from boom boxes to iPods, from AOL to MySpace. McPherson’s song celebrated the nostalgia of past tech while also highlighting the adaptability of Generation X.

Throughout the performance, McPherson humorously sang about a variety of outdated tech items, such as floppy diskettes, T-Mobile Sidekicks, and Motorola Razr phones. The song also referenced pop culture phenomena like Furby, Nintendo Wii, and TiVo. The chorus, “We threw it in a fire. Tech that once was so hot but now is so not,” underscored the theme of obsolescence in the tech industry.

As an experienced performer and songwriter, McPherson successfully combined humor and nostalgia in his musical number at the GeekWire Awards. The crowd enjoyed the trip down memory lane, recalling the gadgets and devices they once used and loved. McPherson’s ability to entertain and connect with the audience through music demonstrates his talent for creating engaging and memorable performances.

In conclusion, Robert McPherson’s performance at the GeekWire Awards was a highlight of the evening, bringing laughter and nostalgia to the crowd with his witty and entertaining musical number. By celebrating the obsolete technology of the past, McPherson showcased his talent for combining humor and music to create a memorable performance that resonated with the audience. As technology continues to evolve, McPherson’s performance serves as a reminder of the rapid changes in the tech industry and the enduring impact of devices and gadgets from the past.

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