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The Ford Mustang GTD Roars on the Nurburgring



The Ford Mustang GTD is making waves at the Nurburgring, aiming to set a seriously fast lap time of under 7 minutes. Ford has high ambitions for this road-going version of the Mustang GT3 race car, with over 800 horsepower under the hood powering the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle. Despite its hefty price tag of $325,000, the GTD is the fastest American production car to ever lap the Nurburgring if it succeeds in achieving its goal. The car features a race-inspired pushrod suspension and a transaxle mounted at the rear for near-50/50 weight distribution.

CarSpyMedia shared a video of the GTD on the 12.9-mile course at the Nurburgring, showcasing its impressive performance through the corners. The car looks composed and fast, with the sound of its deep exhaust note and supercharger whine adding to the excitement. The GTD lifts the inside front tire on entry to the gentle banking of Kliens Karussell, demonstrating its speed and grip. The video offers a glimpse of the car’s capabilities and potential to set a record-breaking lap time at the Nurburgring.

The Ford Mustang GTD stands out among the American muscle cars at the Nurburgring, with Ford aiming to make history with its performance on the iconic track. With its powerful V-8 engine, advanced dual-clutch transaxle, and race-inspired suspension, the GTD is designed for speed and precision. The car’s engineering and design reflect Ford’s commitment to pushing the limits of performance and technology in the world of sports cars.

Despite its high price tag, the Ford Mustang GTD offers a unique driving experience that combines power, speed, and agility on the track. The car’s performance at the Nurburgring demonstrates its potential to compete with some of the fastest production cars in the world. With testing underway and an official lap time attempt planned for later this year, the GTD is poised to make a mark on the performance car industry and showcase American engineering and innovation at its best.

As the GTD makes its way around the Nurburgring, enthusiasts and fans eagerly anticipate its official lap time and potential record-breaking performance. The car’s presence at the iconic track symbolizes Ford’s commitment to excellence and performance in the automotive industry. With its powerful engine, advanced technology, and precision engineering, the Ford Mustang GTD is set to redefine the standards for American production cars and establish itself as a true contender on the global stage of performance vehicles.

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