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The leader of France’s Republicans seeks to form an ‘alliance’ with Le Pen’s NR.



In a significant development in French politics, Republicans party chairman Eric Ciotti has called for a country-wide alliance with Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) for the upcoming parliamentary elections. This unprecedented move marks the first time in modern French political history that a traditional party leader has endorsed an alliance with the far-right. Ciotti emphasized that the two parties share similar views and should work together rather than creating unnecessary opposition.

President Emmanuel Macron recently announced the elections, scheduled for June 30 with a second round on July 7, following the RN’s strong performance in the EU elections. Ciotti’s decision to form an alliance with the National Rally comes after discussions with Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. He believes that this alliance is essential for the Republicans to secure enough seats to form a parliamentary group and represent the desires of the majority of voters.

However, this call for an alliance with the far-right has caused division within the Republicans party, with more centrist members opposing such a move. Olivier Marleix, LR’s chief in the lower house of parliament, has stated that he will not support any arrangement with a far-right movement and has demanded Ciotti’s resignation. Despite the internal conflict within LR, the National Rally is expected to emerge as a prominent force in the upcoming elections, although they may not achieve an absolute majority.

Macron’s decision to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections has been met with mixed reactions. He has delayed a major news conference until Wednesday and emphasized that the upcoming vote will present a choice between Republican forces and extremist forces. Macron has ruled out resigning regardless of the election results and expressed his commitment to the country’s interests. He has also indicated his readiness to engage in debates with Le Pen, highlighting the contrasting ideologies at play in the upcoming elections.

In conclusion, the call for a country-wide alliance between the Republicans party and the National Rally in the upcoming parliamentary elections marks a significant shift in French politics. Ciotti’s decision to collaborate with the far-right has stirred controversy within the Republicans party while also highlighting the ongoing divide between different political factions in the country. As the election date approaches, it remains to be seen how this alliance will impact the political landscape of France and the overall outcome of the elections.

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