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The Manthey Racing Handling Kit for the Porsche 718 GT4 RS is priced at $54,000.



For those looking to enhance the performance of their Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, Manthey Racing is the go-to option. The Nürburgring-based company, known for its work with race cars, also offers development work for road cars. Porsche recently confirmed that the Manthey Racing handling kit for the 718 Cayman GT4 RS will be available in the U.S. The kit comes at a hefty price tag of $53,946, not including the cost of installation at a Manthey-approved Porsche dealer. For an additional $5,890, customers can opt for a larger carbon-fiber Gurney flap for the rear wing and carbon front-fender vents. This is on top of the already steep $163,650 MSRP of the car, which often sells for even more.

The Manthey Racing handling kit includes a range of upgrades designed to improve performance. This includes manually adjustable coilovers to replace the stock suspension components, an upgraded braking system with stainless-steel lines and new pads, as well as extensively revised aerodynamics. The kit also features a new front underbody panel, dive planes ahead of the front tires, a larger rear wing, and aero discs for the rear wheels. With the rear wing set to maximum attack, downforce at 124 mph increases significantly from 196 pounds to 372 pounds. These changes translate to a six-second improvement in lap time at the Nürburgring Nordschliefe, as demonstrated by Porsche factory driver Jörg Bergmeister. However, individual results may vary based on driving skill and conditions.

With the transition to electric power looming for the Cayman, the 718 GT4 RS MR from Manthey Racing will likely be the ultimate version of Porsche’s mid-engine sports car. This high-performance model boasts a 4.0-liter, 9,000-rpm flat-six engine similar to that of the GT3, complete with an innovative intake system featuring ducts that run through the interior of the car. The standard Cayman GT4 RS is already known for its exceptional track performance, so the upgrades from Manthey Racing are expected to make it even more impressive. While the price tag may be steep, for some enthusiasts, the enhanced performance and exclusivity of the Manthey Racing handling kit may be worth it.

In the world of high-performance sports cars, aftermarket upgrades like those from Manthey Racing can make a significant difference in handling, braking, and overall performance. While the initial cost may be high, the improvements in lap times and driving experience may justify the investment for enthusiasts who want the ultimate driving experience. With the Cayman GT4 RS set to be electrified in the near future, the Manthey Racing handling kit may represent the last opportunity to experience the raw, high-revving performance of a naturally aspirated engine in this model. For those who value performance and exclusivity above all else, the Manthey Racing handling kit for the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS could be the ultimate upgrade.

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