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The Morning Routine Jennifer Garner Relies on to Look and Feel her Best at 52



Jennifer Garner, a busy mom of three, knows that mornings can be unpredictable with kids. She often deals with unexpected situations, like when her son woke her up to inform her that their dog had eaten a pair of sunglasses. Despite the chaos, Garner values starting her day with structure and consistency, especially when it comes to her skincare routine. As a longtime spokesperson for Neutrogena, she is passionate about promoting skin cancer awareness and the importance of sunscreen.

Garner’s morning routine typically starts around 5 a.m. with a workout, which she says helps her feel like she’s really tested her body. She enjoys doing The Limit workouts over Zoom and feels off if she doesn’t exercise as planned. She also prioritizes spending quality time with her kids in the morning, waking them up herself and enjoying cuddly moments before driving them to school or the bus. Recently, they were listening to Stephen Sondheim in the car, adding a musical touch to their morning routine.

Despite being more laid back now that her kids are older, Garner remains emotionally committed to her morning workout and cardio routine. She wakes up early, has coffee, takes care of the pets, and then works out. Her go-to workout is The Limit, a mix of dance, HIIT, and toning sessions over Zoom from New York. If she skips her workout, she feels off for the rest of the day. Garner also enjoys waking her kids up in the morning, even if they’re grumpy, as they are usually warm and cuddly.

Garner emphasizes the importance of consistent sun protection, as she has noticed sun spots and discoloration on her face. She used to think she had “magic skin” that didn’t show sun damage, but realized the importance of SPF after seeing visible effects on her skin. As a Neutrogena spokesperson, she is partnering with the brand for Skin Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness about UV damage. Garner urges everyone to prioritize sunscreen to prevent sun damage and protect their skin.

In the mornings, Garner focuses on creating a sense of routine and structure to navigate the chaos of parenting life. She follows a skincare regimen that includes sunscreen and other essentials to maintain healthy skin. Garner’s dedication to staying protected from UV damage and promoting skin cancer awareness reflects her commitment to self-care and prioritizing her health amid her hectic schedule as a mom. By sharing her morning routine and skincare tips, Garner emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself, inside and out.

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