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The Mugen Honda Civic Type R boasts increased downforce and reduced exhaust tips.



Mugen, a Japan-based tuning company, is offering upgrades for the current-generation Honda Civic Type R to enhance its visual appeal. These upgrades were showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January and are now available for order. The new offerings include an aero kit with a front lip spoiler, garnishes for the front fascia intakes, side sills, a rear under spoiler, and a larger wing. The Mugen wheels, measuring 19 inches front and back and developed in collaboration with BBS, add to the overall aesthetic. These upgrades not only enhance the car’s appearance but also improve its performance, with Mugen reporting a 25 percent increase in downforce and a 22-pound weight reduction with all the bits installed.

Aside from the exterior upgrades, Mugen also offers interior enhancements for the Civic Type R. These include an Alcantara shift knob, Mugen floor mats, a carbon center console for weight savings, and MS-C front seats with aggressive bolstering. In addition, Mugen provides upgraded dampers and two types of performance brake pads for both sport and competition use. While the brakes are set to be available at the end of July, the dampers are currently ready for purchase. The large rear spoiler, expected to go on sale in September, and the wheels, arriving in August, are also part of the upgrade package. The development of a single-tip exhaust is underway, although there is no set timeline for its availability.

For those interested in purchasing Mugen parts for their Honda Civic Type R in the United States, King Motorsports serves as a distributor for individual items such as the lip spoiler, side sills, and rear under spoiler. The total cost for all three items comes to $2,065. While Mugen parts are originally designed for the Japanese market, the company collaborates with distributors worldwide to make their products accessible to a broader audience. It’s worth noting that these upgrades not only enhance the appearance of the Civic Type R but also add to its overall performance capabilities, making it an exciting option for enthusiasts looking to take their vehicle to the next level.

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