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The Real Reason Why Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s Wife, Carries a Pillow Over Her Breasts: Insights from a Body Language Expert on Their Relationship



Body language expert Judi James recently examined the public appearance of Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori, where Bianca was seen carrying a large white pillow over her chest in a nod to her previous use of a purple pillow accessory. Judi offered unique insight into Bianca’s outfit choice, suggesting that the pillow may symbolize comfort and safety for her. She also noted that the all-white ensembles worn by the couple could be a nod to Kanye’s wedding to ex-wife Kim Kardashian in Florence ten years ago. Kanye’s body language, according to Judi, showed signs of sexual approval towards his current wife Bianca.

Bianca, who works as the head of architecture at Kanye’s Yeezy brand, made a striking entrance in Florence wearing a shiny white thong bodysuit with thigh-high black leather boots. Kanye, on the other hand, was covered up in a white zip-up hoodie and sweatpants, holding a stack of papers and wearing white sneakers. Judi pointed out that the couple’s matching white outfits and Kanye’s tactile behavior towards Bianca indicated a strong romantic connection between them. Despite the controversial nature of their fashion choices, the couple seemed to be focused on each other during their public appearance.

The couple’s previous trip to Europe in 2023 had sparked accusations of indecent exposure, with Bianca being seen topless while holding a purple cushion across her chest. Judi suggested that Bianca’s use of the pillow may signify a sense of vulnerability and the need for comfort. The couple’s scandalous appearances and revealing outfits have drawn criticism from social media users and locals in conservative Catholic Italy. Kanye’s reportedly controlling behavior towards Bianca, including dictating what she can wear and eat, has raised concerns among her family and friends about her well-being.

Despite the controversies surrounding their public appearances, Kanye West and Bianca Censori continue to make a statement with their unique fashion choices and bold displays of affection. Judi James’ analysis of their body language sheds light on the dynamics of their relationship and the significance of their outfit selections. While some may question the motives behind their controversial actions, it is clear that the couple is unapologetically embracing their unique sense of style and personal expression. As they navigate the complexities of fame and scrutiny, Kanye and Bianca appear to remain committed to each other and unbothered by external judgment.

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