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The Top 25 UPF clothing choices for 2024



In addition to wearing sunscreen, sun-protective clothing, or UPF clothing, can provide an added layer of protection from harmful UV rays. UPF clothing blocks UV rays and can be beneficial when engaging in outdoor activities where sunscreen may wear off quickly. From basic tees to hiking shorts, UPF clothing comes in a variety of options suitable for different activities. Some popular brands that offer UPF clothing include Amazon, REI, Beyond Yoga, Eddie Bauer, Vuori, and Solbari.

Amazon offers a range of UPF clothing, including lightweight hoodies and hiking pants. One SELF editor recommends the Helly-Hansen hoodie with a UPF 50+ rating for its comfortable fit and sun protection. REI is known for its high-quality hiking shorts, such as the Trailmade Shorts with a UPF 50+ rating. Beyond Yoga offers stylish high-waisted practice pants, while Eddie Bauer’s Departure Performance Skort and Guide Trex leggings are excellent choices for outdoor sports and activities.

Vuori specializes in cute and functional UPF clothing that can be worn for lounging or workouts. The Pose Plyo Tank is a popular choice for its stylish design and sun protection features. Solbari offers a wide range of sun-protective clothing, including swimwear, hats, and accessories like arm sleeves and palmless gloves. Their clothes are all UPF-rated, providing reliable sun protection for various outdoor activities.

When shopping for sun-protective clothing, it is important to look for items with a UPF rating of at least 30 to ensure adequate protection. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends choosing UPF 30-49 for very good protection and UPF 50+ for excellent protection. Dark or bright colors, densely woven fabrics, loose-fitting silhouettes, and specific fabric types like unbleached cotton and high-tech activewear are all beneficial qualities to consider in UPF clothing.

Overall, investing in UPF clothing can provide an extra layer of defense against UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburns, skin cancer, and other sun-related damage. Whether you’re hiking, playing sports, or simply enjoying time outdoors, wearing sun-protective clothing can help you stay safe and comfortable under the sun. With a variety of brands and styles available, there are plenty of options to choose from for all your outdoor activities.

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