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The tourism boom in Spain is heading out to sea



The popularity of yacht rental platforms has been on the rise in Spain over the past decade, offering a seafaring alternative to traditional holidays. With the country experiencing a tourism boom, boat rental platforms like Click&Boat, Boatsetter, and Beds on Board have seen significant growth. In fact, boat rental has grown by 42 per cent in the last two years in Spain, second only to France in market share for the business. These platforms allow private boat owners to rent out their vessels to travelers, providing an affordable alternative to traditional hotel accommodations.

Click&Boat, Europe’s largest boat rental platform, boasts two million users and 55,000 boats for hire. The company’s co-founder, Edouard Gorioux, reported that Spain contributes 15 per cent of the platform’s €200 million income. With the average price of a day sailing at €350 for six people, including overnight stays, boat rentals offer a cost-effective way to explore Spain’s nearly 8,000km of coastline. From the Canary Islands to the Balearics, there are countless opportunities to sail across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, with the optimal sailing season being from May to September.

For those interested in renting a boat but lacking sailing skills, boat hire platforms operate similarly to Airbnb, allowing users to browse and filter privately owned boats based on their preferences. Whether you’re looking for a catamaran in the Balearics or a houseboat in the Canary Islands, there are plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, many platforms offer the option to hire a skipper for those who prefer to leave the sailing to the professionals. With the ability to filter by boat size, location, type, and extra equipment, such as scuba gear or outdoor showers, renting a boat has never been easier.

Whether you’re planning a sailing adventure in Spain or looking to explore other countries by boat, there are plenty of options available. Borrow a Boat offers rentals in 60 countries, while Click&Boat covers 164 destinations, making it easy to plan your next seafaring excursion. With the flexibility to travel to different regions and access hard-to-reach locations only accessible by boat, renting a boat offers a unique and memorable vacation experience. So, why not consider exploring the coastlines of Spain or embarking on a country-hopping adventure on the high seas? With boat rental platforms making it easier than ever to book your next sailing holiday, the possibilities are endless.

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