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The Toyota GR GT3 Roars Through Wet Track Test



The GR GT3 Concept, which debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2022, is set to be the successor to the aging Lexus RC F GT3. Although it won’t officially hit the racing circuits until the 2026 season, a camouflaged prototype of the Toyota race car has been spotted in Belgium, showcasing its mean and lean design. The car has been seen testing in Japan at the Motegi track and at the Toyota-owned Fuji Speedway before making its way to Europe with a massive rear wing and wide hips. Images of the concept are available for a sneak peek at what lies beneath the disguise.

Despite the rainy conditions at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, the GR GT3 prototype was seen tearing up the track with a test driver behind the wheel. The significance of the GR GT3 extends beyond its racing potential, as it will also spawn a road-going Lexus version. Toyota WEC team director Rob Leupe confirmed this, stating that the 2026 racing debut aligns with the development timeline of the road car, which is intended to embody Toyota’s motorsport heritage. The road-going version is expected to feature a powerful V-8 engine, based on the race car’s throaty exhaust note.

The original plan was for the race version of the GR GT3 to debut in the 2025 season, but hurdles in the development of the street-legal car caused a delay, pushing back the racing debut by a year. With over two and a half years since the concept was first unveiled, Toyota Racing Development President David Wilson reassured that the development is on track for a 2026 launch. The homologation process and other necessary steps are being taken to ensure a successful launch, with the possibility of the race debut taking place at the 2026 Daytona 24 Hours.

The anticipation for the road-going model is high, with hopes of seeing it sooner than the race car. Whether it will carry the Lexus or Toyota badge remains to be seen, but the most important aspect is that a new sports car with a license plate is on the horizon. With the GR GT3 serving as a platform for both racing success and a road-going performance car, enthusiasts can look forward to a powerful and exhilarating driving experience. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting new addition to the Toyota and Lexus lineup.

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