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The uncovered connection between Seattle and Spokane: Tech companies thriving on both ends of the state



F5, a technology company, has established a significant presence in Spokane, Washington, expanding beyond its software roots to hardware design talent in the area. The company’s growth in the Spokane area includes various teams such as customer support, manufacturing, and digital sales, as well as employees working in development, legal, IT, and HR. They now have about 250 employees in Spokane, showcasing the region’s potential as a tech hub.

Other Seattle-based companies, such as Rover, have also recognized the potential in Spokane, establishing offices in the area to tap into the emerging talent pool. Rover, a pet-sitting marketplace, opened its first Spokane office in 2017 and has since expanded, employing about 70 people in various functional areas. The region’s workforce quality, lower labor costs, and proximity to Seattle make it an attractive expansion location for many companies.

SecureSave, a fintech startup that emerged from Pioneer Square Labs, exemplifies the Seattle-Spokane connection. The company’s CEO, Devin Miller, appreciates Spokane’s quality of life, affordability, sense of community, and proximity to schools, which led him to relocate from the Seattle area. The region’s tech community is on the rise, with strong support from angel investors and universities fostering innovation and growth.

One F5 employee, Hunter Smit, shared his experience of moving from the Seattle area to Spokane for a job opportunity at F5. He highlights the region’s growth in the tech industry and the appeal of Spokane’s affordability, quality of life, and recreational activities. As more companies recognize the potential in Spokane, there is room for further growth and collaboration between Seattle and Spokane tech communities.

F5’s success in bridging the geographical gap between Seattle and Spokane through its hardware development team serves as a model for other companies. Leveraging Spokane’s talent pool for hardware expertise, especially in networking technology, can be advantageous for companies looking to expand operations in the region. The region’s outdoor recreation opportunities, lower cost of living, and loyal workforce make it an attractive location for tech companies seeking growth.

Overall, Spokane’s tech ecosystem is on the rise, with companies like F5, Rover, and SecureSave establishing significant operations in the region. The potential for deeper ties between Seattle and Spokane can strengthen Washington state’s innovation economy. As more companies recognize the benefits of expanding operations in Spokane and tapping into its talent pool, the region’s tech community is poised for continued growth and success.

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